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Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) helps businesses create and maintain a sustainable infrastructure. Assisting the agriculture, construction, turf and landscape industries, as well as engineering firms, utilities and other energy organizations, SEC helps clients develop environmentally conscious practices that result in carbon footprint reduction, LEED certification, compliance, and more.

We lead the market with our environmental compliance management, and turf management and agronomic consulting services. We are also equipped to provide a full range of products and support. SEC is a certified Filtrexx® manufacturer in Kansas, Iowa and Texas, and provides erosion control products, soil amendments, compost and mulch to help clients reach their sustainability goals.

In 2017, SEC added a sustainability platform powered by EcoPractices after seeing the need to help companies fund environmental efforts and progress toward preserving our ecosystems.  The EcoPractices platform allows companies to meet the demands of consumers, the goals of producers and work for the greater advancement of industry sustainability.